I love conferences, either as a visitor, speaker or even as organizer. Here you can find some of the talks i gave over the last years:

Micro Frontends Beyond the Buzzword!

Location: Microservices Vienna (Vienna, Austria)
Date: 19 April 2019

Micro Frontends - a Strive for fully Verticalized Systems

Location: Voxxed Days Bucharest (Bucharest, Romania)
Date: 22 March 2019

An approach driven Comparison on Microfrontends

Location: (Dornbirn, Austria)
Date: 22 February 2019

Micro Frontends Beyond the Hype

Location: (Grenoble, France)
Date: 24 January 2019

Micro Frontends - a strive for fully verticalized systems

Location: Devoxx Ukraine 2019 (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Date: 23 November 2018

Micro Frontends - a strive for fully verticalized systems

Location: Agile Tour 2018 (Vienna, Austria)
Date: 06 October 2018

Advanced Angular Design Patterns

Location: Eastcode Sessions (Košice, Slovakia)
Date: 11 July 2018

Compound Components in Angular

Location: Angular Vienna (Vienna, Austria)
Date: 14 June 2018

Flux: A modern way of doing MVC?

Location: Voxxed Days (Vienna, Austria)
Date: 13 March 2018

How the Cloud enhances your Agile Development

Location: Agile Tour Vienna (Vienna, Austria)
Date: 12 November 2016

An Introduction to Angular2

Location: Linux Tage Wien (Vienna, Austria)

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