I support teams in the Enterprise Environment to build Angular Applications that scale:
Advanced workshops about Angular Architectures, Best Practices, Design Concepts and Performance Patterns.
Code Reviews
A codebase deep-dive to make sure that you’re on the right track, combined with lots of knowledge sharing.
Supporting your teams and projects for a longer period to get things done and to guide you to future-proof solutions.

Architecture Trainings

The purpose of this advanced training is to give a deep-dive into the Architectural Concepts of Angular, by being strongly focused on real-world-scenarios and hands-on exercises.


  • Microfrontends and Microapps
  • Full-verticalized Feature Modules
  • Mono-Repos
  • Structuring and Slicing Strategies
  • Set-up of Cross-Cutting Concerns
  • Consistent Linting and Formatting


  • Reusable Component Libraries
  • Component Design Patterns
  • Extensible Libraries with NPM
  • Design Systems
  • Isolation with Web Components
  • Scaffolding with Schematics

Integration &

  • Dependency Management
  • Approaches for UI-Integration
  • Backend Integration Patterns
  • Dependency-Graph Validations
  • Different Versions of Angular
  • Architectural Checks


  • The Reactive Manifesto
  • Streams and Subjects as a central part of the Application Architecture
  • Advanced Observables
  • Reactive and Optimistic UIs
  • Event-Based Architectures

Performance &

  • Change Detection Strategies
  • Zone-less Angular
  • Lazy-loading Best-Practices
  • Tree-shakable applications
  • The new compiler features of IVY
  • AOT and JIT compilation
  • Server-Side Rendering

Deployment &

  • Logging, Tracing and Analytics
  • Operation Platforms
  • Feature Toggles and A/B Testing
  • Partial Deployments
  • Resilience and Error Handling
  • The 12 Factors for the Frontend
  • Immutable Web Apps


  • Distribution and Centralization
  • Long-Lasting and Transient State
  • NGRX, NGXS, and Akita
  • Handling Side effects
  • State immutability
  • Slicing substores correctly
  • Complex selects and memorizing

Authentication &

  • OAuth 2 and OpenId Connect
  • Authorization Flows
  • Using JWT Tokens
  • Integrating existing Identity‑Providers
  • Security Concepts for Developers
  • State-of-the-art Tooling

Best Practices

  • Different Types of Testing
  • Keys of a maintainable Testbase
  • Testbed-Tests and pure Unit-Tests
  • Integration Testing and E2E testing
  • Snapshot Testing
  • Tests for Asynchronous Code
  • Mocking Strategies
Optional Modules are Internationalisation, Progressive-Web-Apps, and AngularJS-Migration.
This training can be held in German or English.

About David

David is working as a consultant for modern web-development in enterprise area for multiple years now. By starting with AngularJS, he was part of this movement from the very first second. David enjoys sharing his knowledge as a trainer, speaker or lecturer for post-diploma courses at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna.

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What others think about this training

This was exactly the deep-dive we needed, to move our codebase into the right direction.
Workshop-Attendee, Austria (translated from German)
It was really intensive and also fast, but packed with lots of learnings for me.
Workshop-Attendee, Austria (translated from German)
I really appreciate the power of David as a trainer. This guy seems to be on fire 24/7.
Workshop-Attendee, Germany
I really like that we always took the time, to discuss specific problems of our projects and figure out possible solutions.
Workshop-Attendee, Austria (translated from German)

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I am currently based in Vienna and always look for challenges in Central Europe - sometimes even around the globe - to work with passionate teams. If you want to get in touch, reach out: